The best moment to make music

Make music after sport. And exercise much preferably outdoor.

Make music after a hike, a bike ride, or after a few minutes of jumping rope (alternating one minute of jumping with one minute of rest).

Choose a physical activity that you enjoy, and according to the time you got and your environment. Get creative and playful, there are many ways to move and so stimulate different parts of your brain. Though it must be intense for better results, contrasting with the usual idleness.

Make music immediately after sport don’t waste your focus power on e-mails and media.

Even better : put your phone in flight mode and in another room. My phone is in flight mode and out of sight most of the day. All notifications are off.

Heck! Make music outdoor! Okay that’s for another post.

Unless you’re in a state of flow : take a 5-20min break from work every 30-50 minutes. And a long break after you worked for 2–3 hours.

Stop while you’re still excited, instead of when you’re hating yourself and your music. Write down your ideas to try in the next session.

We spend way too many hours in front of a screen. Our bodies are not designed for that. After each session, get outside. Breathe. Move. Watch in the distance (relaxing your eyes). Do a sprint, or as I love to : foot-juggle with a tennis ball (okay, you can start with a football).

I’m now starting my days with movement first of all. I do a Qi Gong routine and then go for a walk for at least 30 minutes. I make sure I’m spending at least 100 minutes outdoor everyday, any season.

Oxygen is our first food. We can live a few days without eating — how long without breathing?

Our indoors while ventilated are still poorer in oxygen and richer in carbon dioxide — exercising outdoor make us breath more thus allowing oxygenation of the body.

Speaking of outdoors,let’s get that vitamin D from the sun — roll up those sleeves.

Moving my body and being outdoor is more important than working. It helps me do better work with less efforts. So I do it first.

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